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Repairing the past.

The problems of the past often feel insurmountable. Many individuals have legal issues that need to be sorted out. Others fear speaking with law enforcement for a variety of reasons. Whatever the situation, Bakhita Law may be able to help you overcome it. Regardless of the past, we offer compassionate advice for the future.

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Securing the present. 

Preparing for the future.

Human traffickers generally view people as property. As such, many individuals remain vulnerable even after they have escaped or been rescued. At Bakhita Law we use legal resources and social service connections to protect our clients from further exploitation as well as make sure their basic human needs are being met.

When individuals are rebuilding their lives, particularly after surviving trauma, simple tasks may feel overwhelming. Bakhita Law is here to advise clients on whatever issues make moving forward challenging. Whether it is school enrollment, employment, financial problems, or housing, Bakhita Law can help.



Bakhita Law is a faith-based non profit organization providing pro bono Legal Services & Social Service connections to both domestic and foreign born individuals affected by human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. Guided by a multidisciplinary board of professionals, we utilize our Legal Expertise within the Justice System and our connections with other service organizations to focus on rebuilding lives and restoring hope for the future.


Programs & Services


We offer free legal representation to restore the rights of survivors. Bakhita Law represents both domestic and foreign born survivors of human trafficking. Survivors face a variety of legal issues that create barriers to rebuilding their lives. Without legal assistance they are vulnerable to re-victimization. We are honored to bridge the gap between trauma and hope. 


Bakhita Law's prevention program is designed to guide vulnerable, high-risk youth towards empowerment and resiliency.  

St. Louis has one of the worst human trafficking problems in the nation as ranked by the Department of Justice. St. Louis also has an extremely high number of children living in foster care. According to the Missouri Children’s Division Annual Report for 2016, the number of children in state custody in St. Louis City and County was 2,401. Of those children, 262 were living in group homes. Children who have a previous history of trauma and abuse, such as those in foster care, are a common target for traffickers.Children that are at the highest risk for sexual exploitation need preventative services so that they may be guided towards more positive outcomes. At Bakhita Law we have seen how perpetrators target and isolate their victims. This knowledge gives us a unique insight regarding how to strengthen vulnerable populations against exploitation. We have used this knowledge and the latest research on human trafficking to develop a program that teaches young people and those working with them, such as foster care agencies, how to avoid sexual exploitation.



Bakhita Law engages the community in the fight against human trafficking. We provide education and outreach to the local community through speaking events, conferences, and social media. We also provide training to social workers and other community service providers on how to meet the needs of survivors of human trafficking.



At Bakhita Law, we are committed to utilizing legal and social services to restore the dignity and provide hope for the future for our clients. We are named after Josephine Bakhita, a young woman who was kipnapped and sold into slavery from the Sudan. She was so traumatized by her suffering that she could not recall her own name.


After years of torture, Josephine was taken to Italy, a nation that had outlawed slavery. Thanks to the work of a group of Catholic sisters, who petitioned for her rights, Josephine Bakhita was freed from slavery and able to choose her future. At the end of her life, those who knew her remembered her for her great joy. 


It is our goal to make sure our clients have their rights protected so that they too may know the same joy that Josepine Bakhita found in her freedom. 

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If you suspect or witness Human Trafficking, please contact The National Human Trafficking Hotline at : 1-888-373-7888. 

If you are in need of assistance or know someone who is, please contact us. We are ready to help and look forward to speaking with you. 


Representing individuals affected by human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.