Human Trafficking can take many forms. Below are just a few examples: 


Mother of toddler forced to work in a strip club in exchange for her toddler's safety. One hour visit per week depended upon how much money in tips she earned.


Father of three promised a job in the US. Upon arrival, his documents were taken away including his temporary visa, and was forced to work as a migrant farm worker while the safety of his wife and children were under threat of violence.


Teenage girl working at a clothing store accepted a ride from a regular customer to get home but instead was transported to a brothel and told she had to service approximately 25 men a night in order to stay alive.


An immigrant husband and father was used for slave labor in a restuarant. After turning to local law enforcement for help, the lives of his parents, who still live in his country of origin, were threatened by the trafficker. The family must choose between their safety and leaving the land they have farmed for generations. 



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