Help for Foreign Born Survivors

Bakhita Law represents foreign-born individuals who have been trafficked or exploited in the United States. Immigrant populations in the United States have been shown to be at high risk for human trafficking. Additionally, there is a high incidence of foreign-born victims being re-kidnapped and forced back into trafficking if they return to their home country. Bakhita Law aids high-risk foreign-born individuals in their immigration matters in order to end or prevent their victimization and exploitation. 


Help for Domestic Survivors


Many individuals may be fearful of speaking to law enforcement about what has happened to them. This may be for a variety of reasons. Some reasons may be as as simple as having citations for “riding the metro without a ticket” and some reasons may be more complex.

Bakhita Law helps survivors overcome these barriers, whether real or merely perceived, that prevent them from speaking to the authorities about their traffickers. Bakhita Law also helps their clients to understand the legal process and walks with them throughout the prosecution of their traffickers.